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Mushroom Kits BULK GROWER PACK x 12 NO GIFT BOXES upto 4 types - FREE Shipping to 90% of Australia - No Po Boxes

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Mushrooms Kits  Bulk Deal 12x kits of your choice from our Kits range.

Grow lots of fresh mushrooms at home, all you need is a simple greenhouse with a humidifier set to 85% - 90% humidity.

Grow mushrooms for you and the family at home.

Please put in the comments what kits you want from our range upto 4 types 

eg; 2 White oyster kit, 2 Yellow Oyster kits, 4 Tan oyster kits, 4 shiitake kits

Please note; if you select more than 4 types we will choose from those, what ones we send

Please note these kits/culture is sold with our Mushroom Spawn and Cultures sale agreement. By purchasing you agree to this agreement

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