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  • Mushroom Kit - Enoki (Enokitake) - FREE Shipping

Mushroom Kit - Enoki (Enokitake) - FREE Shipping


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PLEASE NOTE: If you are NOT using your Mushroom Kit straight away, store it in the fridge. If you are gifting the kit - Take the bag out of the box and keep it in the fridge (re-box when ready to gift). 

Mushroom Kit - Enoki (Enokitake)

This mushroom kit likes it cold! Great for an outdoor winter grow

Type: choice edible, medicinal usage and compounds, research

Characteristics: White string like 

Best Temperature Range: They need temperatures to range from 8-12°C however, we have had kits fruit in the fridge (~3°C) 

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Due to the low temperature ranges and extra skill needed, we would recommend this kit to a grower who has moved on from the novice stage

Please note this culture is sold with our Mushroom Spawn and Cultures sale agreement. By purchasing you agree to this agreement

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