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Terms & Conditions

Shipping & Returns Information


if you need to email us our email is info@masonjarsandmushroomgroup.com.au

Our shipping rates are as follows: Australia Post real-time rates

All orders are shipped usually within 1 working day and you will be notified when posted.

If you have not received an order within 10 days, please notify us by e-mail

Goods Damaged in transit

Unfortunately, this happens very rarely sometimes, Please accept your parcel and take photos and email us 

in regards to Glass jars in most cases, we will refund the damaged jar or 2,

but please note if you have not requested and paid for insurance it is up to the discretion of Mason Jars & Mushroom Group if they refund or not

Goods refused and returned to us unopened are classed as returns and are subject to our refunds and returns policy

if the order needs to be reshipped the buyer agrees to pay the reshipping fee 

When ordering large items, flow hoods HEPA filters etc Please request insurance when order these large items, even tho we go to great lengths to protect them during shipping sometimes they are damaged

Refunds and Returns and cancelations

Returns accepted if the buyer sends the goods back in original condition within 2 weeks of receiving your item.

after the goods have been returned Refunds will be less any postage costs, Bank charges and 25% restocking fee

Cancelation of completed orders have a 10-15% fee to cover  bank fees as they do not refund us for payment fees, please only place orders if you want them 

Payments Accepted

- Paypal

- Credit Card through PayPal as a guest (you don't need a Paypal account)

- Bank Transfer (please note international transfers all bank fees must be covered)

- Credit card over the phone 

Health & Safety

-  If you are not ready to fruit or use your spawn please put the bag(s) in a clean cold fridge (1-5 degrees) until you are ready. Most species are fine for 1-2 months. This will put the mushrooms to sleep. NOTE: Pink oysters and hot weather types need to be used immediately.

- If you have purchased your mushroom kit or spawn as a gift. Keep it in the fridge until you are ready to give. 

All mycelium/mushrooms look & grow differently depending on the species. If you are unsure of how the kit or spawn should look or have concerns of contamination please contact us with a short description and photos via email: info@masonjarsandmushroomgroup.com.au or Facebook Messenger: @aussiemushroomsupplies. We will know straight away if it is growing as it should of if there is any contamination. Rest assured we know what we are sending.

Some people can have allergies to mushroom spores. Mushroom spores are the dust-like seeds the mushroom releases. they are released just as the mushroom caps turn upward at the edge. We suggest harvesting and consuming pre-spore release. Store them in an area that keeps you safe, (ie: bathroom, laundry or a terrarium), this way the spore release is contained.



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