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BIG HR-50 Humidifier - with free digital controls


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 This Humidifier can keep up to a 150 Square Meter room  at the perfect humidity for growing mushrooms

set up with a timer to come on for a few minutes per hour to keep your greenhouse humid

MODEL : HR-15 

 Coverage : 100-150 Meters

 Power supply :  240V / 50Hz or 60Hz

 Power consumption : 90W

Humidification capacity : 4000cc/hour 

 Feed water pressure : less than 5kgs

Dimensions : 310 X 310 X 470mm(12.20" X 12.20" X 18.50") 

 Easy to install(connect to water tap or water tank) Various space usage (on-wall) Easy to carry by handle Trouble free simple structure (high durability)

Good for chemical disinfection & deodorization Good for electronics, textile, tobacco factories, low temperature warehouse and mushroom cultivation.

 Greenhouse, propagation room, research chamber, storage room, nursery, mushroom and orchid cultivation, chicken breeding, textile, tobacco and timber industries

 Set it up horizontally to control the water level Make sure the connecting wire is long enough Check and clean the water tank periodically If there is no humidification, turn power off and check the water level If water overflows, turn the water tap off and check the float valve.


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